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Adiyogi Shiva Statue - For Home, Office & Car Decor

Adiyogi Shiva Statue - For Home, Office & Car Decor

Adiyogi Shiva Statue - For Home, Office & Car Decor

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Every shiv Ji believer should have this Made in India Adiyogi statue, Perfect for car dashboard, Home Decor, Office, or Home Temple at an offer price.

This Adiyogi statue is made of high-quality imported polycarbonate material and is 4-inches in height. It is black in color with white-painted vibhuti/moon; golden color earrings/snake.



“Adiyogi” is embossed in the middle of the base. It comes in the box.

Perfect for Home, Office, Car & Temple

It can be a source of positivity and spirituality in your daily life. You can place it on your table/rack or gift it to your loved ones on special occasions/festivals, etc. Clean it with a white dry cotton cloth.
Adiyogi is here to liberate you from disease, discomfort, and poverty – above all, from the very process of life and death. – Sadhguru


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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the weight and size of the Statue?

Ans. Weight Approx. – 350 grams | Size – (L x W x H): 16.5 cm x 11cm x 13 cm

Q2.  Is this Handmade?

Ans. Yes, This is Made in India, Crafted by a Skilled Indian Artist.

Q3. What Can I Use to clean this from time to time?

Ans. Always clean it with a soft and dry cloth.

Q4. Is it made of harmful plastic?

Ans.   It is certainly not plastic, it is way heavier and made of poly-resin

material which is widely used to make high-quality idols.

Q5. Can I put water to it while worshiping Lord Shiva?

Ans.   Yes you can but make sure you don’t immerse the idol in water


Q6. Is there a refund or exchange policy for this product?

Ans.   In a rare case if there is any defect or you do not like the product we

take full responsibility and offer a 100% Refund / Free Exchange Policy

Q7.  How do we stick it in Car Dashboard?

Ans. Use any Double-sided tape available at your local stationery shop.

Customer Reviews

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Sahu Mr.Ashwini Kumar

Adiyogi Shiva Statue - For Home, Office & Car Decor

Good product to keep at car

Best product giving boost to my spiritual life

Adiyogi Statue

Good product to keep at car and home, giving boost to my spiritual life

Manvendra Thakur
Keeping Shiva's blessings with me. 🥰 🥰 🥰 🥰

This Adiyogi statue spreads good vibes in my room. Me being a hosteller don't have many things to worship, but to keep Shiva's blessings with me, I ordered this. I am undoubtedly happy to have it, and have the blessings of Shiva with me to succeed in life. I would recommend everyone to buy this confidently.

Rajesh Mishra
Perfectly suited for my car dashboard.

Ordered this Adiyogi statue from atmyhome to place it on my car dashboard. The delivery was fast, received it within 5 days. Placed it on my car dashboard and see how wonderful it looks.
I'm glad to make this purchase. 😊